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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I have recently paired up with my good friend and fellow allergy mama, Jade, to bring you The Free From Mummies Podcast, launching on 12th September at 7pm!

Here to talk all things atopy and motherhood from the perspective of two mamas of children with multiple food and environmental allergies, hayfever, severe asthma and eczema.

We intend to bring tip and advice from other allergy parents (details below if you would like to get involved!), advice and chats with medical professionals in all atopic fields, up and coming allergy brands and just general chat all things that allergy life brings.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as other platforms where you usually listen to your podcasts!


If you would like to get involved with our podcast, we are currently looking for parents of children with these conditions to share their best tip for 'living your best free from life'!

This could be down to a recipe you have mastered, a tip for going on holiday or something simple that you do that makes living with these conditions a little easier.

Please send an email to thefreefrommummiespodcast@gmail.com for more information.

Watch this space for updates on upcoming episodes!

Episode 1 is now live!

In this episode we discuss what our podcast is all about and what we hope to achieve through sharing how we manage our lives living with allergies and other atopic conditions.

We give a brief rundown of who we are and share a little of our allergy stories.

Episode 2 - Jade's Story

In this episode, Jade shares with us her allergy journey with Quill. Jade goes into detail sharing their experiences with NICU, allergies and asthma.

Episode 3 - The Allergy Collective

In this episode we are joined by Clare, founder of The Allergy Collective. Clare shares with us all about her journal, mindset, positivity, The Allergy and Free From Show and the wonderful allergy community!

Episode 4 - The Free From Mummies Story

In this episode I share my allergy story, I talk in detail about anaphylaxis, asthma and the early struggles for us getting a diagnosis. There is a trigger warning that comes with this episode, there are some laughs but also some tears too. Teddy and Brodie appear on this episode too and share their allergy tip!

Episode 5 - Rockabye Reflux

In this episode we are joined by Faye from Rockabye Reflux. We talk all things reflux! Faye shares her expertise and offers her advice as a well as tips and getting a diagnosis.

Episode 6 - The Children's Allergy - Dr Costa

Where to start with this episode, we cover so much! In this episode Dr Costa shares his advice on managing dust mite allergy, co-factors and the impact on anaphylaxis, breastfeeding and allergies as well as answering questions sent in from our listeners. This episode is certainly one to sit and enjoy!

Disclaimer: We do not advise that you change anything that you are currently doing without speaking to your own health care provider first.

Some of our episodes come with trigger warnings. Please follow the links in our show notes to find the relevant support.

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